The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, 'just to keep people frightened'.

-George Orwell, 1984

Summary Edit

Despite Prince Okin's best efforts over the past century, his perfect city has become one of chaos and uncertainty. The Carthian Movement balloons with wild-eyed neonates. Unpredictable bloodlines roam the streets. Nosferatu wander from their proper place and achieve status and social respect. The world is out of order and if it continues to fester, he'll go down with it.

Thus the Prince begins an elaborate plot to fool the other Kindred that VII is in town. The Prince, being one of the older Kindred in the city, claims to be an expert at the subject (which is not a complete lie) and tightens his grip, which naturally "works."

The PCs slowly discover the pieces don't quite fit the way the Prince is claiming. Perhaps one is an expert in VII and notices inconsistencies. Perhaps another owns a building tagged with the mark and saw a ghoul (does VII use ghouls?) spray paint it there. Long plots involve circumstancial evidence; short ones offer solid evidence (like the PCs recognize that ghouls as one of the Princes). Additional fun involves VII hearing about the rumors and shows up wondering what all the fuss is about.


  • Prince Torrance Okin. A Davea Invictus. Vice (Wrath); Virtue (Hope).
  • Sheriff Jenna Wood. A Ventrue Invictus. Vice (Pride); Virtue (Justice).
  • Greg Cantor. A Nosferatu Carthian. Vice (Envy); Virtue (Hope).
  • Dale Peterson. A Gangrel Circle of the Crone. Vice (Lust); Virtue (Prudence).
  • Lajita Mova. A Davea Lancea Sanctum. Vice (Sloth); Virtue (Temperance).

Stage One Edit

First citings; Kindred deaths and first rules (emulates 10 years ago).

Stage Two Edit

First "capture" and stronger rules (emulates 40 years ago).

Stage Three Edit

Extension and wide accusations; Critical mass (emulates 100 years ago).

Stage Four Edit

Dissenters begin to disappear. Prince reaching point of critical power.

Stage Five Edit

Resolution: PCs either expose Prince or join him and become part of the "solution."

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