Initiate of the Abyss
"I look with eyes open in the depths of the night, and behold the inevitable truth. The world floats in an infinite void, without meaning or reason; the few fey sparks on her are fleeting embers in the endless, chill night. But secrets lay within the void, and I have begun to plumb for them. The corruption of the human soul becomes clear next to the stark purity of the Void."

Eyes of Night
Practice: Knowing
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Allows you to operate perfectly well in the dark. You suffer no penalties for blindness, even in magically created or otherwise unnatural circumstances. This sixth sense is not reliant on sound, scent, or any other sense; it is often expressed as an extension of feeling.

Scent of Vice
Practice:  Knowing
Action:  Instant
Duration:  Concentration
Aspect:  Covert
Cost:  None

Allows you to know what anyone else's Vice is, by sight.

Dream of a Dream 
Practice:  Unveiling
Action:  Instant
Duration:  Prolonged (One scene)
Aspect:  Covert
Cost:  None

Gain Mage Sight. Additionally, it grants a +1 bonus to examining the resonance of any Abyssal phenomena.

Song of the Abyss 
Practice:  Compelling
Action:  Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect:  Covert
Cost:  None

Target a single spell the mage knows is incoming, and shares at least one Arcanum with (as with Counterspelling). If the spell is Covert, it becomes Improbable; if Improbable, it becomes Vulgar. If the spell is already Vulgar, Song of the Abyss has no effect.

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