The City of Austin was previously very well Organized, It's prince being Gagrel and a Member of the Order of Dacul. Recently though, the Dance Macabre in Austin has been very close to breaking and an all out war starting between all the Covenants. The reason being is the Price, has vanished, and gone missing. With no Explanation as to this, every faction has been gathering more to their side and split their objectives in two. A) Find out if the Price has met Final Death( if he hasn't send him to it) B) Acquire the Princedom for their own Faction.

Political ClimateEdit

The Carthian MovementEdit

The Carthian Movement holds a great deal of sway in Austin at the moment. Headquartered in a Large Cement factory near a Rock quarry, Their impregnable fortress serves is a Haven to A great deal of Vampires. It is Lead by a rather old Gangrel by the Name of Figero. The movement Boasts the most "Soldiers" and if war where to break out into fighting on the streets, the Movement could win with sheer brute force.

Lancea SanctumEdit

The Sanctum holds the Second most sway in Austin. It's members fully integrated into every church in the city. While Nosferatu Seem to be the Leading clan of the city they most certainly are not (and for Obvious reasons) the Face of the Faction. They Tend to Leave that to the Daeva. If All out war where to break out the Sanctum could win though the Nightmarish powers of it's leaders the Nosferatu, an ability they often use to show heretics "what hell will be like"


The Invictus has no real sway anymore. With high amounts of Mekhet and a handful of the Malkovians in their ranks, the Invictus is happy with sitting back and watching everyone else. Their stance seems to be one of patience, and with their perfect information-gathering network they happen to be able to watch every movement of any Kindred they choose. In fact they know what happened to the Prince. They don't believe it, and their not sharing the information, but they know. If All out war broke out, The Invictus could win though information and being to anticipate their foes actions.

Circle of the CroneEdit

The Circle of the Crone once held some political sway in the city but the Sanctum stomped that out. The Crone's tend to just deal with their own and ignore the headache of Politics in Austin. If bothered though the Crone's will throw a hissy fit, and that is the reason the other factions tend to just let them do there own thing.

The Order of DraculEdit

The Order held the most power in the city up until the disappearance of the Prince. Oddly since then no one in the city has seen hide nor hair of them. They don't seem quite as upset as they should be, and they make no apparent attempts to impede any one vying for princedom.

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