Azrael SavageEdit

Azrael Savage, nosferatu.

Azrael is an ancient vampire, according to the majority of the kindred in Haven, he is by far the oldest living indivudual in the city. Rumor say that this, ruler of the Hill of Death, is more than a millenia old and have never entered torpor, or at least not in the recent couple of centuries anyway. He is probably the most feared and absolutly the most mythological creature of the kindred population, with numerous horror-stories linked to his unlife.

He is rummored to be a member of the secrative but influensal Circle of the Crone, and even considered to be the circles local (or according to some rumors: the circles world) leader. Without knowing the truth he is known to rule the hill of dusk, also know as the Hill of Death

Hill of DeathEdit

Hill of Dusk, or Hill of Death, is a intimidating sight for the mortals who visit Haven, but to the kindred population it is far more intimidating than the rumors claim. The Hill of Death is Azrael Savages playground, his horror-theme park creation. One of the worlds most terrifing places created by a vampire. The ancient nosferatu has made the hill a forbidden place for any kindred and the trespassers are cought in the most terrifying, and last, nightmare of their eternal life. Trespassers are claimed to go insane by all recongnition and suicide has been their only release of the horrific experience, therefor no one lives to tell what happened. Several kindreds have lost their unlife due to dares made up in social games...

or so the rumors say and the kindred population of Haven believe. No one in the kindred population ever enters the domain or even tries to contact the hills infamous ruler. He stands as an outsider of the kindred politics, and seems truly independant to the unknowing masses of the Haven kindred population, but who knows what goes on at the primogen council?

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