A infernalist bloodline named after the babylonian Gods. Baal is a word for lord and the baali doesn't worship Baal but the many Baali who are the highest in the traditional Baali pantheon. The western Baali have broken with tradition and worship the more christian concept of Baal as in Belzebub. The Baali are descendants of "the first tribe" an barbarian people which identity the Baali hides from the rest of the world. The first tribe where infernalists and build a well to a buried demon from before Gods creation. Nergal,Moloch and a woman and man merged into androgynious being is supposed by have been embraced in that well where the the mortal descendants of the first tribe threw their human sacrifices. This someone else is the vampire who calles himselves Saint Germaine and is controlling the Tremere clan. Saint Germain is not androgynious but has a splitt personality instead. Saint Germaine is an salubri who has merged with an fire elemental from an quabalistic dimentition before God created the world. Saint Germaine have powerfull pyromancy but those powers are an own lifeform much like vicissitude. It is transforming him into an fire elemental while he is losing his humanity so the old ones can enter this creation. Alternative this androgynious being is Andeleon, the first Old Clan Tzimisce who contracted the desease called vicissitude. Probably Saint Germaine and Andaleon is the same person and it was he who destroyed the Tremere Antitribue.

Shaitan is an title among the Baali.There are 13 Shaitan who joined The Great Shaitan and founded the Baali according to Chaos Factor. According to Chaos Factor the Baali rebeled against Caine but great Shaitan was cursed by Caine or warped by his demonic pact or both. The Baali where of course defeated. In the Baali Clanbook this great Shaitan where actually Nergal in disguese but there is no explaination of the other 12 Shaitan that Shaitan is attempting to awake in Chaos factor.

The baali are sensitive to holy symbols.

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