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Bill Bones is a middle-aged Jamaican man who often operates in urban centers in the northern half of the United States, moving among all circles of supernaturals with apparent ease. He often masquerades (pun not intended) as a vampire, as his various Gifts allow him to fool even the wariest of Cainites.

In encounters with player characters, he often seeks to evoke them into fulfilling his own goals, which often appear to coincide with the PCs' goals. He speaks in cryptic phrases and riddles, often while rattling a set of knuckle bones in one hand.

Notes: My ST, Samantha, allowed me to borrow her Nagah book, and I came up with the idea of using an NPC, controlled by yours truly, to guide the Pack, along the road she had planned out. He never revealed his true identity to the PCs, and I even used one of the four-page Setite sheets to fool the other players into thinking he was a vampire.

  • Appearance: 6' 10", very dark skin, shoulder-length thin dreadlocks. He's extremely wiry, and dresses to accentuate the fact, usually appearing wearing only baggy suit pants and a vest, along with heavy black boots.
  • Breed: Balaram
  • Auspice: Kartikeya
  • Concept: Voodoo Houngan/ Assassin
  • Attributes:
    • Physical:
      • Strength: 3
      • Dexterity: 4
      • Stamina: 4
    • Social:
      • Charisma: 3
      • Manipulation: 5
      • Appearance: 2
    • Mental:
      • Perception: 4
      • Intelligence: 3
      • Wits: 3
  • Abilities:
    • Talents: Acting:4, Alertness:3, Athletics:2, Brawl:4, Dodge:3, Intimidation:2, Leadership:3, Streetwise:4, Subterfuge:2
    • Skills: Drive:2, Firearms:3, Melee:4, Repair:2, Stealth:3, Survival:2
    • Knowledges: Bureaucracy:2, Enigmas:3, Investigation:3, Linguistics:2 (Portuguese, French), Medicine:1, Occult:3
  • Advantages:
    • Backgrounds: Contacts:3, Allies:2, Resources:2
    • Gifts: Dragon's Breath, Hoodoo, Cold Blood, Serpent's Gaze, Wani's Veil, Unexpectted Venom, Blessings Of Kali, Slayer's Eye
  • Others:
    • Gnosis:2
    • WIllpower:6
    • Rage:4
  • Forms:
    • Silkaram (Snake-Man): Str:5, Dex:4, Sta:6, App:0, Man:2
      • Attacks:Bite (Str+1), Claw (Str+ 2)
    • Azhi Dahaka (War Form): Str:6, Dex:6, Sta:7, App:0, Man:1
      • Attacks: Same as above, plus Constriction (Str+ Brawl to maintain, diff. equal to opponent's Str+ Brawl -2)
    • Kali Dahaka (Giant Snake): Str:5, Dex:6, Sta:6, App:0, Man:0
      • Attacks: Bite (Str+ 1)
    • Vasuki (Snake): Str:2, Dex:6, Sta:5, Man:0
      • Attacks: Same as Kali Dahaka
  • Weapons
    • Sword Cane: Diff:6, Dmg:Str+ 3, Conceal: Cane
    • Smith & Wesson 1006 10mm: Diff:6, Dmg:5, Conceal:P, Range:30, Rate:3, Clip:9+1
    • Siver-plated Switchblade: Diff:6, Dmg:Str+ 1, Conceal:P
    • Unexpected Venom: Diff:5, Dmg: 7

Please note that since I no longer have access to the Nagah book, I cant' be sure of the exact effects of his various gifts. If someone who does have access to the book would contact me via e-mail or Yahoo Messenger, I'd be very appreciative.

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