Celerity is the amazing, supernatural speed of the Vampire, fueled by the Blood. Common to many different Clans and Bloodlines, and a number of Servitors and Ghoul Families.

Table Top LevelsEdit

Levels One through FiveEdit

Each level of Celerity allows the possessor one ADDITIONAL Action per turn without the penalties or divisions of Dice Pools normally required for multiple Actions. The vampire may not employ Mental Disciplines for the additional actions, only the first Action, and the extra Actions gained may not be further split into multiple Actions, nor may Celerity be atop one another in a single turn. Blood Expenditure Maximums apply, also.
In the Dark Age Version, while a single Blood Point activates Celerity's additional Actions, further individual Actions may be purchased for the turn at a cost of one further Action per Additional (over the first) Blood Point, to a maximum of the vampire's Celerity Rating, and Blood Expenditure Maximum Rules are still limit the total Blood used per round.
In Mass Combat, Celerity works differently, mainly because the Combat Turn Works differently.

Level SixEdit

Level SevenEdit

Level EightEdit

Level NineEdit

Level TenEdit

Larp LevelsEdit


  • Alacrity: Pre-empt the action of another
  • Swiftness: Add a maneuver in combat situations, cut in game travel by 1/2


  • Rapidity: Add an additional maneuver in combat (i.e. 3 attacks), cut travel to 1/4


  • Fleetness: Add an additional maneuver (4), cut in game travel to 1/8

House RulesEdit

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