Table Top LevelsEdit

Level OneEdit

  • Ignis Fatuus:
    Create a minor, static, motionless illusion affecting 1 sense detectible by all.

Level TwoEdit

  • Ignis Morgana:
    Like Ignus Fatuus, but may now create affect all five senses everyone within the area.

Level ThreeEdit

  • Apparition:
    May now allow, control, or cause to move in a specific way any illusions created.

Level FourEdit

  • Permanence:
    May now maintain an illusion and allow it to continue even when the creator is no longer able to see it.

Level FiveEdit

  • Horrid Reality
    Effective against only 1 person at a time, who believes the illusion completely and totally. The victim may recieve "chimerical" damage, damage that seems real, unless conviced fully otherwise.

Level SixEdit

  • Fatuus Mastery
    May now create and maintain illissions without force of Willpower, or needing to sense the illusion, so long as the vampire remains within 1 mile of the illusion.
  • Mass Reality
    The power of Horrid Reality may now be extended simultaneously against multiple targets and victims.

Level SevenEdit

  • Far Fatuus
    A vampire may now create an illusion without being in the same place, but the vampire must either visualize, or be familiar with the target location, else it must be well-described.

Level EightEdit

  • Pseudo Blindness
    The vampire is now immune to, incapale of veiwing, and unaffected by Chimerstry and Obuscate at or below level Eight. Leis and other falshoods can be heard or viewed, but the vampire will know them to be false.

Level NineEdit

  • Sensory Deprivation
    The vampire may deny a victim accress to all 5 senses as well as ESP, including Auspex. {Note. The success determine the length of the affliction, and implies ALL senses are denied. A Storyteller may rule the vampire can affect, randomly or intentionally: some; one; all; or any chosen.}

Level TenEdit

  • Reality
    The vampire may completely create an alternate reality or reality pocket and trap another with that realm, and subject to the created laws and appearance of the realm, unless the victim escapes or is released.
  • Plot Device

Larp LevelsEdit


  • Ignis Fatuus: Create a motionless illusion affecting 1 sense.
  • Ignis Morgana: Create a still illusion with all senses for 1 person or 1 sense for everyone in a 20' area


  • Apparition: Create a moving illusion with all senses for 1 person or a still illusion with all senses for everyone in a 20' area
  • Permanence: Maintain a Ignis Morgana (for anyone who passes) when you are up to 100' away (and out of line of sight)


  • Horrid Reality: Create an Apparition so real it can damage 1 opponent

House RulesEdit

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