• Creator/Developer: Daniel Solis
  • Prologue: Jean-Paul Gagnon
  • Non-schizophrenic History section: Derek Guder
  • Illustrations
    • All illustrations: Daniel Solis,except
      • page 41: Kevin Converse (thanks Kevin!)
      • page 94: John “Olrak” Narciso
      • page 104: Ruud Dirven


  • Derek “craziness” Guder for feeling shamed and alone.
  • Jean-Paul “mouthpiece” Gagnon for worms dropping off his tongue
  • Stacia “Madison” Coggan for loving her jelly donuts
  • Cornelius for fending off the Great Old Ones with flatware
  • Isaac “Satan’s Thesaurus” for causing a brouhaha
  • Andrew “Igor” Krug for giving everyone the Creeps
  • Amanda “Undrawable” Horton whose foot is unaffected
  • Robert “Jesus is melting all over my pizza” Nabers for turning Santaki into a flowing river of blood
  • Cynthia “Poison Maiden” Jackson for her army of genetically engineered kitten things.
  • Scott "Smiling Bandit" Hacker for his work making this file, even though I barely know him. He's so cool!
  • And finally, Ex Libris Nocturnis and the rotating cast of lovable nutjobs at the Pulse, with whose help Zombie: the Coil has become the biggest fan-made net supplement in the world. Thanks, you guys!

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