Daugthers of Morrigan Edit

The Daughters of Morrigan are almost exclusively female. Only under very rare circumstances will a Daughter take on a male student. Also known as the Sisters of the Fates, they use their studies of the Fate Arcanum to bestow blessings and curses on those who are deserving. One of the benefits provided by this Legacy is that using Fate does not cause rolls on the Wisdom degeneration table.

Parent Path: Acanthus or Moros Parent Order: Mysterium or Silver Ladder

Primary Arcanum: Fate Conjunctional/Synergistic Arcanum: Time (optional)

First Attainment: The Morrigan's Curse Prereq.: Gnosis 3; Fate 2; Occult 2 The mage gains ability to curse as per the "Evil Eye" spell (pg. 151), An instant action is required, rolling Composure + Occult + Fate to determine number of successes, the mage's rank in Fate, providing the penalty.

Additionlly she may apply Conditional Duration to any Attainment.

Optional Arcanum: Time 2 If the mage also has Time 2, she can use Conditional Trigger on any of her Attainments.

Second Attainment: The Morrigan's Blessing Prereq.: Gnosis 5; Fate 3 The Daughter gains the ability to grant blessings as per the spell "Bestow Exceptional Luck" (pg 155). As an Instant action, the mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate to determine the number of 9-again rolls allowed.

Third Attainment: Irish Blessing/Curse Prereq.: Gnosis 7; Fate 4 At this level the mage gains the ability to grant "Lucky Coins" (pg. 155) or "Monkeys' Paws" (pg. 155) with Prolonged duration. As an Instant action, the mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate to determine the bonus/penalty given to the item.

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