Table Top LevelsEdit

Level OneEdit

  • Passion.

Level TwoEdit

  • Mind Tricks.

Level ThreeEdit

  • Eyes of Chaos.

Level FourEdit

  • Confusion.

Level FiveEdit

  • Total Insanity.

Level SixEdit

  • Derange
  • Kindred Spirits

Level SevenEdit

  • Mind of a Child.
  • Mind of a Killer.
  • Wave of Insanity.

Level EightEdit

  • Coma.
  • Minds of Children.

Level NineEdit

  • Blessing of Chaos.
  • Mass Coma.

Level TenEdit


  • Mind Tricks: Create minor hallucinations by inducing specific emotions
  • Confusion: Cause complete disorientation for 5 minutes or longer


  • Eyes of Chaos: Read a characters Nature, Derangements, Path and Beast Traits by looking at them


  • Total Insanity: Afflict a character with 5 Derangements for 10 minutes

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