Dark Age DevotionsEdit

Found in VtDA (or Vampire, the Dark Ages), the Combination Disciplines are sprinkled throughout Chapter Five.

  • Retain the Quick Blood, Pg. 162.
    Assamites who have achieved some mastery (Level 3 in both) of Celerity and Quietus and master significant control over their own Vitae (spent 15 Experience Points), are able to recover any blood spent to activate Celerity. The Vitae suffuses itself through the vampire's body, inducing the speed, and begins to diffuse back into the vampire's cappillary system, each "spent" Blood Point restoring the Blood Pool at a rate of 1/hour, but never more than were used nor increasing above the generational maximum.
  • Hatch the Viper, Pg. 164.
    Setites alone can master Serpentis to this degree (Level 4), and together with a familiarity with Protean (Level 2) and a massive amount of training and practice (spending 18 Experience Points), may from from his own Blood form a live, venoumous, ghouled, serpent and vomit it weakly from his mouth.
    • The Setite must spent at least one turn and 4 Blood Points, but needn't roll.
    • Each serpent shares a pattern unique to the creator, like a fingerprint.
    • Animalism may be used by others to communicate with the serpent, but it recognizably unnatural by its temperment, influenced strongly by the creator's personality.
    • The serpent may act independantly, but will obey its creator.
    • The serpent requires 1 Blood Point each 3 nights from it's creator, else dissolve into a puddle of poisonous, plasmic Vitae. Drinking the sermpent's liquid remains causes 4 levels of Lethal Damage, soakable only by Fortitude.
    • The Setite may create and/or maintain as many serpents as desired, though the cost is equal and separate for each serpent's creation and feeding.
    • The serpent possesses Fortitude 1 instead of Potence 1.
  • Body Armory, Pg. 173
    Tzimisce skilled (level 3) in both Protean and Vicissitude, and familiar with her form (spent 20 Experience Points), may form any sort of melee weapons from ber very own body. Each weapon costs 2 blood points (4 for 2-handed weapons like pole-arms or great-swords or -axes), have to replace the tissue used, and half to form the tissue into the weapon. The weapon inflicts the standard level of damage, although each level of damage is aggravated.

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