Dharmas as Paths By David P. duVall,

Noticing a dire lack of information pertaining to Kindred of the East I decided to send the following to the universally acknowledged Librarian of the WOD's Web-based Alexandria. While being egotistical, I do not claim that this is anything more than what it is: a re-working of the generic Acts of Blindness listed on p54 of KOE to "personalize" for the major Dharmas and a presentation of those re-writes in a format in keeping with that established for the existing Paths and Roads for vampires.

What follows I originally posted to in the recent past in an effort to get others' insights and suggestions. The response there was minimal, though a note of thanks goes to Adamus. The result of his comments was the expansion of the Eight Lotus Path's importance for the Resplendent Crane.

Devil TigerEdit

Level Act of Blindness

  • 10 Failing to follow the Mandate of Heaven.
  • 9 Not meditating at least 2 hours nightly.
  • 8 Failing to destroy a servant of a Yama King, unless that servant is explicitly acting as your mentor.
  • 7 Not "Enlightening" someone whose corruption is for personal reasons or gain. Feeling remorseful for any cruelty.
  • 6 Missing the opportunity to try to corrupt an innocent or to increase existing corruption. Destroying expediently rather than "poetically."
  • 5 Not Tempering the P'o at all times. Refusing to perform cruel acts that are in one's own interest.
  • 4 Being moderate in action when it does not serve to increase pain, corruption, or cruelty.
  • 3 Being merciful at anytime unless it leads to greater pain, corruption, or cruelty.
  • 2 Actively avoiding one's P'o.
  • 1 Refusing or hesitating to give or receive a lesson in Pain.

Thousand WhispersEdit

Level Act of Blindness

  • 10 Not completely severing all ties to an ended Life.
  • 9 Becoming too attached to anything or person.
  • 8 Being rigid in thought or action.
  • 7 Failing to help correct an imbalance or not destroying something that cannot be corrected.
  • 6 Choosing too many similar Lives.
  • 5 Having too narrow a perspective.
  • 4 Being too impatient to learn the lessons from a chosen Life.
  • 3 Taking the straight path in thought, speech, or action because another way is inconvenient.
  • 2 Not properly living chosen Lives.
  • 1 Not meditating at least 1 hour a night on the lessons of a chosen Life.

Thrashing DragonEdit

Level Act of Blindness

  • 10 Disrespectful towards anything in existence at any time. Being jaded.
  • 9 Failure to pursue a new experience at any cost. Failing to put the sun to bed at least one evening a month.
  • 8 Not meditating at least 2 hours nightly. Failing to wake the sun at least one morning a month.
  • 7 Being overly concerned with the morals and ethics of others to the detriment of one's own sensuality.
  • 6 Disrespectful toward a living being, useful or attractive thing, or nature in any form.
  • 5 Avoiding injury or death of others at the expense of one's own pleasure.
  • 4 Becoming so attached to any one experience that seeking others suffers.
  • 3 Being detached or intellectual. Failure to pursue a new experience due to minor inconveniences.
  • 2 Disrespectful to spirits, works of art, or wonders of nature.
  • 1 Promoting boredom or ennui. Feeling guilty for a new experience.

Shadow SongsEdit

Level Act of Blindness

  • 10 Becoming completely compassionless.
  • 9 Failing to seek out knowledge at any cost.
  • 8 Destroying a source of knowledge.
  • 7 Allowing emotions override an opportunity to learn.
  • 6 Sharing knowledge in a direct and non-artistic manner.
  • 5 Accepting something at face value.
  • 4 Failing to meditate at least 2 hours per might.
  • 3 Ignoring the filial duties of oneself and others.
  • 2 Displaying overt emotion.
  • 1 Showing disrespect to the dead, the dying, or any spirit.

Resplendent CraneEdit

Level Act of Blindness

  • 10 Not following the Eight Lotus Path in all things.
  • 9 Allowing a crime against Heaven go unpunished.
  • 8 Acting too quickly. Delaying too long. Allowing the P'o to surface in one's self.
  • 7 Failing to meditate at least 2 hours per night on the Eight Lotus Path. Being expedient rather than just.
  • 6 Ignoring filial duties. Not atoning for one's wrongful actions.
  • 5 Seeking to punish before seeking to correct a wrongful action.
  • 4 Not seeking to temper the P'o when it arises. Not actively working on the Eight Lotus Path.
  • 3 Failing to uphold the Fivefold Way.
  • 2 Placing personal desires above duty.
  • 1 Losing hope. Failing to see the Second Breath as a gift of Heaven.

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