Table Top and LARP levelsEdit


  • Command (the Wearied Mind)
    One word short term order.
  • Mesmerize
    Implant a suggestion into a subject.


  • Forgetful Mind
    Erase a portion of memory from someone.
  • Conditioning
    Replace a subject’s will with your own after long-term psychic assault.


  • Possession
    Take over a subject's body



  • Obedience
    A vampire no longer need to gain eye-contact to employ Dominate. Touch is all that's needed, and this can include touching clothes. Touch need not be maintained, so long as the Domination is done within the span of one conversation.
  • Loyalty
    The Dominated subject is made resistant to Domination attempts by others.
  • Rationale
    Dominated subjects believe fully and are convinced totally that their own actions are entirely theirs, right and proper for the given stuation and circumstances, even if the subject is aware of the use of Dominate.
  • Tranquility
    By force of Will, a vaampire my calm a vampire out of frenzy.


  • Mass Manipulation
    May now simultaneously attempt to Dominate mutiple targets, required ony normal or standard Dominate to succeed against the first target.


  • Far Mastery
    You can issue Dominate commands to someone you know anywhere in the world if you know their location


  • Best Intentions
    Make a target always act with your best intentions in mind
  • Speak Through the Blood Guide the actions of your vampiric descendents over the years


  • Puppet Master
    Override a target's mind completely and make them think and act as you
  • Plot Device

House RulesEdit

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