Dorean Holt is a ventrue vampire.

Ventrue Line:Edit

Dorean Holt, childe of Velress Holt, childe of Markus Dorleth, childe of Alexander Vermonte, childe of Marquis Nermal, childe of Vennis Borgeuis, childe of Sven Ajostel, childe of Moren del Messanon, childe of Nelros Verl, childe of Merl Corvin, childe of Ventrue, childe of Enoch, childe of Caine

Human LifeEdit

Dorean was a drug dealer, a part time pimp, and he had connections with the KKK.


First Night:Edit

On Dorean's first night he was turned by Velress Holt, who was attacked by a Hunter. Dorean escaped to Lamar, and hasn't seen her since.

In Lamar he was found by Artanna. They instantly liked each other, and as the night went along they became blood bonded to each other, ending the night with sex with her and her ghoul.

Later NightsEdit

Would go on to ask Artanna to marry him, and now she is his fiancee.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

Dorean is an 11th generation ventrue.

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