-TOREADOR and ISHTARRI are removed from play. They have never existed as Clans, but more so as a movement. Characters must choose a new Clan, probably Ventrue.

-VENTRUE Clan Flaw is now an Enzyme Deficiency preventing the from naturally resealing the wounds of their victims, corresponding to the Flaw: INFECTIOUS BITE. PREY EXCLUSION is no longer required, but may be recommended. The Background Trait HERDS.

-RAVNOS and it's bloodline KINYONYI Clan Flaw is now a VULNERABILITY TO SILVER (as KYASID possess Vulnerability to Iron), in keeping with the tale of Werewolf kinship. Criminal Compulsion is no longer required, but may be recommended.

-GURUHI are either a) FANGLESS, b) PERMAMENTLY FANGED, c) of a FERAL VISAGE*, or d) SHIFT between them, as per Canon or devised Flaws.

-SHANGU have the DARK AGES LAIBON FLAW, wherein 1 Additional BLOOD POINT must be spent.

-All ASSAMITES have the DARK AGE Flaw: DIABOLIC AURA. BLOOD CURSE or BLOOD ADDICTION (for those Assamites and Antitribu RESISANT TO MAGIC) are each 2 point flaws.

-With each level of BACKGROUND: AGE taken, a character may benefit from an additional 3 points of Flaws. AGE level 1 allows up to 10 total valid flaw points, while level 5 allows up to 22.

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