Modified Dramatic Failure Rule Edit

Dramatic failures also occur whenever any sized dice pool is rolled and all dice come up ones. The only exception comes when a player rolls a dice pool of one. Since the player shouldn't have the same probablity of getting a dramatic failure on a single die as on a chance die. Therefore if a one is rolled on a single die, the player rerolls the die. If it comes up one a second time, then a dramatic failure occurs.

Shadow Dice Edit

When a player performs above and beyond in terms of roleplaying, strategy, or whatever else, the ST may award them a number of shadow dice, which may be used in the following ways:

Bonus Dice: The player may use a number of shadow dice equal to their Power Stat (Blood Potency, Primal Urge, Gnosis, etc.) to add additional dice to a pool. Once used the shadow dice are gone. Note that Mortals do not have a Power Stat, but they may always spend 1 shadow die.

Extra Experience: The player may trade in unused shadow dice at the end of a chapter to recieve 1 XP/5 shadow dice turned in.

Shadow Dice 2 Edit

When a human player encounters a supernatural phenomenon which is new to him, the ST awards him a number of "shadow dice". This may be used in the follow ways:

Bonus Dice: The player may use one shadow dice per turn, note that only 3 can be used per game session.

Extra Experience: The player may trade in unused shadow dice at the end of a chapter to receive 1 XP/4 shadow dice turned in.[[Category:*Spirit (Primal Wild, Essence): These are spiritual incarnations of living ideas born of the world, and thus are obsessed on being all they can be, from the lowliest pebble spirit trying to be as solid as it can to the great murder spirit killing all it can.]]

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