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Null Edit

Merit Cost: 3 or 5, see below

Prerequisites: normal human only, can not have any psychic, thaumaturge, or unseen sense merits.

Effect: There are two forms of this merit. For three dots, choose a style of magic, such as Arcana, Gifts, Numina, Thaumaturgy, etc. You are now completely immune to powers from your chosen field that affect you directly. This includes directly damaging, mind reading and location magics, but not spells that affect the environment, create something or summon help. For five dots, you are immune to all magical powers. Available at character creation only.

Drawback: You are immune to all magical powers, even beneficial ones. If a form of magic falls under your immunity category, you are immune to healing, ability boosting, and all other magics within that category. You also cannot aquire any templates, including the Hunter template or minor templates such as wolf-blooded, ghoul, etc.

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