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The Iron Masters not only acknowledge Change as a constant, they hold it as one of their most Sacrosanct principles. The children of Red Wolf know that things are perpetually in motion, and that the People can forge their destiny as well as they can forge iron and refine earths.

The Lodge of Alchemists arose in early medieval Europe and the Middle East as an occult expression of the Iron Masters' renowned cunning and craftsmanship. The path they follow is as multifaceted as the gems and chemicals they conjure. The Alchemist werewolves apply rites and spirit magic to affecting change in matter as well as spirit, binding and studying the relations between the Elemental Choirs. The creation of enhanced klaives and myriad talens are but one expression of this order's aspirations.

They also aspire to change and shape the spirit inside of them, harnessing the maximum potential of their Rage, but retaining Harmony. The Gibbous and Crescent Moons of the lodge maintain the records and occult research that this overtly meticulous werewolf organization undergoes.

Concept: Alchemists

Parent Tribe: Iron Masters

Lodge Totem: The Sapphire Flame, a spirit of the hearth, rebirth, innovation, and imagination. One-time companion to Coyote.

Symbol: Iron Master wolfshead wreathed in blue flame.

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