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Many of the People are faithful adherents to a human religion before their First Change, and after learning the truth of what they are, some take solace in the teachings of the Lodge of Benandanti. A secretive order of fervent Christian and sometimes Muslim or Jewish werewolves, these 'Hounds of God' follow the teachings of the ancient Benandanti, a famous pack of Hunters in Darkness from medieval Tuscany. From there, the lodge has grown astoundingly; much to the dismay of more traditionally-minded Uratha.

The People of this faith possess a complex tradition of intricate theology designed to reconcile Judeo-Christian monotheism with animistic truths and the legends of Father Wolf, Mother Luna, the Firstborn, and the Fall. The Benandanti see themselves as crusaders and paladins chosen by the divine to destroy supernatural evil and protect humanity with burning devotion. The Pure Tribes are a hated enemy of the Benandanti, and they see Bale Hounds as satanists which must be killed at any cost, but sadly more than one Benandanti has converted to the Fire-Touched in a quest for spiritual vindication. For this and other reasons, many elders who know of the Benandanti see them as delusional at best and dangerous at worst.

Concept: Monotheist Crusader

Parent Tribe: Hunters in Darkness Lodge Totem: Lion of the Seventh Dawn. A curious creature, this spirit proclaims that he is a cherub celestial sent to Earth to rally "God's Forsaken," for a war against "the Jackals of Lucifer," presumably the Pure. Presumably...

Lodge Symbol: Hunters in Darkness wolfshead on a cross, Star of David, or crescent and star, depending on which particular faith an initiate adheres to the most.

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