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While most Uratha have never even seen a "Blood Thief," all veteran elders at least know of these unseen lords of the damned and of the vast power they wield. Vampires prey upon the human herd, their undead hands in every aspect of mortal society. Throughout history, fear, misunderstanding and the struggle for urban territory has led to more than one conflict between the People and the Kindred. However, in the spirit of adaptation that Red Wolf demands, several Iron Masters of ancient Rome not only made peaceful contact with the Vampires of the Camarilla, but also formed a lodge, the Lodge of Emissaries, dedicated to maintaining understanding and non-aggressive (and sometimes mutually beneficial) relations.

In a city that has a known Emissary, it becomes their duty and desire to keep fangs barred and boundaries uncrossed, although two packs that each have an Emissary may try to use the undead against each other. Some forward-thinking (or eccentric) Vampire Princes welcome a Lupine Emissary in their courts and social functions as a curiosity, as an opportunity for study, or for the actual goal of peace. Sometimes an Emissary can arrange agreements of non-intervention or allegiances. For example, the pack of the Emissary could arrange daytime protection of a Haven in exchange that none of the city's vampires feed upon certain humans or in their territory. Another cooperation could involve the powerful undead nobles granting Uratha material goods in exchange for the elimination of their enemies. Emissaries exchange the history, politics, and occult lore of the Embraced and Forsaken with the undead to help them in their duties. Many are curious to know the spiritual effects of vampiric activity, as many vampires are curious about the spirit world in general.

In a handful of cases, some members of the Lodge have become so involved in the Danse Macabre that allies among the undead become friends, and friends could even become lovers. Although most Uratha would consider this a disgusting act, it has happened more than once, and there is NO chance of conception. However, Emissaries are not always successful in their dealings with the Blood Thieves, and more than one has been forced to utilize their specialized occult training in the wars of the night. Even diplomats have their limits.

Concept: Ambassador to Vampires

Parent Tribe: Iron Masters

Lodge Totem: Dusk Wolf, a mysterious minor incarnae who possess a somewhat obsessive interest in vampirism, and the world of the Kindred. Some Ithaeur claim that Dusk Wolf is a deranged, malformed child of Red Wolf and Death Wolf, though there is little proof to support this view.

Symbol: Iron Masters' wolfshead next to a fanged human skull.

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