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Called irresponsible, selfish sell-swords by many, the Lodge of Myrmidon is an ancient brotherhood of militant packs reaching all the way to the chaotic wars following the Fall of Pangaea. The Blood Talons of the of this philosophy take the tribal traditions of caring for family and glory in battle more seriously than the maintenance of actual territory.

The Myrmidon are packs of hardened nomads and mercenaries, traveling from territory to territory, working as hired-claws to whoever pays the highest in material goods, spiritual effects, and undying glory (except the Pure, who the Myrmidon see as a danger to the mortals they love).

Instead of patrolling land as territory, they care for each other and their relations, packmates never swearing allegiance to different patrons (although different packs of the lodge may and sometimes do find themselves on opposing sides of a conflict). They also try to be there for their human relations as much as they can, Wolf-blooded and mundane alike. Most of the Wolf-blooded kinfolk to the lodge know well of the People's plight, and act as a kind of support troop group for the traveling packs.

Concept: Elite Supernatural Mercenaries

Parent Tribe: Blood Talons

Lodge Totem: Unyielding Bull

Symbol: Blood Talon claw on the forehead of a long horned bull skull.

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