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Some werewolves howl at the stars as well as the moon. There are terrible and wonderful things beyond the ken of the Earth's Shadow, and the Stargazers would know them for what they are. A contemplative and disparate order of mystic astrologers and astrophysicist occultists, the Stargazers know that more Celestines than Luna and Helios exist, and each has their own alien agendas and denizens. These werewolves search for the mysteries and spiritual power deep in space-time and the vast spirit wilds between planets. On first glance, a Stargazer may appear quiet and reserved, but it takes the strongest mind and most steely resolve to face the horrors of entities that exist the vast reaches of void and space.

Stargazers usually research alone (though they do maintain communication with one another to share information), and they function just fine within packs of more mainstream werewolves, attending to regular pack duties. Most Stargazers are Ithaeur or Cahalith. Using gifts of divination and farseeing, they assess threats to the material world from the vast regions of the void and seek ways to neutralize them, such as the Idigam and even stranger spirits from Mars and beyond...

Concept: Astrologers and Lovecraftian Occultists.

Parent Tribe: Bone Shadows

Lodge Totem: Sidereal Wolf, Son of Death Wolf

Symbol: Bone Shadow skull on a black seven-pointed star.

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