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Also known as the "Sea Wolves" or even "Sea Dogs," the Lodge of Tridents concerns themselves with a heavy burden: patrolling the Shadows of the world's seas and oceans. The spirits of the sea are many, and alien to landlubbing Uratha. Despite lessened interaction with humans or proliferation of artifice spirits, many island or coastal communities are counted among the territory of a pack of Tridents, who ward off beings of the briny deeps: spirits, undead, strange aquatic Hosts, and worse.

Members of the Tridents often wield trident klaives (use stats for spear) in battle as a symbol of their prestige and their responsibility. Some packs act as the crew of their own ships, and travel from locus to locus as maritime nomads. It is said that their lodge totem, Blue Wolf, a half-sister of Black Wolf, teachers her children unique gifts of the sea to aid them in their duties. Tridents are reported to have the ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time, swim more adeptly, command the creatures of the deep, and even take on a strange and terrifying aquatic primal form.

Concept: Oceanic Werewolves

Parent Tribe: Hunters in Darkness

Lodge Totem: Blue Wolf, a sister to Black Wolf. Daughter of Black Wolf's non-Father Wolf mother and an Incarnae of the Sea.

Lodge Symbol: The Hunters in Darkness wolfshead with crossed tridents behind it.

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