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As Father Wolf lorded the Border Marches, the Lodge of Vigilance keeps mortals in their place. This faction of staunch guardians sees the thoughtless machinations of mortal shamans and (Thyrsus) mages as one of the greatest threats to the Shadow Realm.

Initiates are often those who have lot someone dear to the schemes of a mage, or have suffered spiritual backlash in their territory because of one. They patrol the Shadow far abreast of their territory if they suspect mortal encroachment, which earns the ire of many packs. The effects of a cavalier mage's arcana on the Spirit World prompts many Uratha of this lodge to hunt down the Awakened in their territory as a top priority.

Concept: Mage Hunters

Parent Tribe: Blood Talons

Lodge Totem: Vigilant Hawk

Symbol: Blood talon claw on a shield

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