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Tribal LodgesEdit

Blood TalonsEdit

  • Lodge of Myrmidon by SasquatchMage. Called irresponsible, selfish sell-swords by many, the Lodge of Myrmidon is an ancient brotherhood of militant packs reaching all the way to the chaotic wars following the Fall of Pangaea.
  • Lodge of Vigilance by Wormshadow. This faction of staunch guardians sees the thoughtless machinations of mortal shamans and (Thyrsus) mages as one of the greatest threats to the Shadow Realm.

Bone ShadowsEdit

  • Lodge of Stargazers by Sasquatch Mage. Using gifts of divination and farseeing, they assess threats to the material world from the vast regions of the void and seek ways to neutralise them.

Hunters in DarkessEdit

  • Lodge of Benandanti by SasquatchMage. A secretive order of fervent Christian and sometimes Muslim or Jewish werewolves, these 'Hounds of God' follow the teachings of the ancient Benandanti, a famous pack of Hunters in Darkness from medieval Tuscany.
  • Lodge of Tridents by SasquatchMage. Also known as the "Sea Wolves" or even "Sea Dogs," the Lodge of Tridents concerns themselves with a heavy burden: patrolling the Shadows of the world's seas and oceans.

Iron MastersEdit

  • Lodge of Alchemists by SasquatchMage. The Alchemist werewolves apply rites and spirit magic to affecting change in matter as well as spirit, binding and studying the relations between the Elemental Choirs.
  • Lodge of Emissaries by SasquatchMage. Ambassador to Vampires.

Storm LordsEdit

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