-Inspired by BtVS, some vampires have VULNERABLE HEARTS, as either a 5 or 7 point FLAW; with a successful impaling, stakes do more than normal damage. For 5 points, a stake does aggravated damage, thought the attack and damage are otherwise normal. For 7 points, a successful staking instantly kills the vulnerable vampire.

-For vampires with the 5 point FLAW FERAL VISAGE, the Beast has a powerful hold. The afflicted Vampire can neither extend her fangs nor use any vampiric Discipline above 3 without her face deforming into monstrosity. This deformity also shows when the vampire frenzies. (For Guruhi and Buffy-style play)

-With the 2 point FLAW INVIGRORATING KISS, the vampire bites a subject, 1 BLOOD POINT is lost by the vampire as it is automatically injected into the target. This was taken for B.J. Zanzibar's posting of the "Hollywood Bloodline."

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