Table Top LevelsEdit

Level OneEdit

  • Eyes of the Wraith
    The vampire may peer into the Underworld from the Living World and vice versa.

Level TwoEdit

  • Consume the Dead
    The vampire may consume the Corpus of Wraiths as Blood, and may utilize the energy the same way as blood.

Level ThreeEdit

  • Aura of Decay
    The vampire may hasten the and/or streghten decay in her immediate and surrounding area.

Level FourEdit

  • The Dark Touch
    The vampire may direct necromantic and destructive energies directly at opponents and causing them damage from decomposition and pain.

Level FiveEdit

  • Nightcry
    The vampire may, with a cry, summon wraithly creatures, similar to the Animalism Discipline Beckoning. Wraiths within earshot resigter the call, but are under no cumpulsion to heed it. Wraiths deciding to or disposed to answer may or may not help, but most are favorably inclined to listen to the more personal request.

Level SixEdit

  • Black Blood
    The vampiric form's power over the living may now be extended over the Wraithly Dead. The Kiss's ecstasy immobilizes them, and Blood made Black can ghoul, Bond, and invigorate the Wraith in all the same methods and manners.

Level SevenEdit

  • Oblivion's Dance
    While dancing and swirling about, a vampire channels Underworld energies into her surroundings, affecting in the same way as a simultaneous, area-affecting The Dark Touch and Aura of Decay.

Level Eight & NineEdit

  • There are no known Levels of this Discipline.

Level TenEdit

Larp LevelsEdit


  • Eyes of the Wraith
  • Consume the Dead


  • Aura of Decay


  • The Dark Touch
  • Nightcry

House RulesEdit

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