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Graveyard-Shift City Bus Driver Edit

Quote: You just 'tend to ignore your passengers at that hour. It's jes' better that way."
Background: Most of the big cities have a 24-hour public transportation service. Those that work for public transportation often start at the low-rung on the totem pole and have to put in a good year or two on the graveyard shift.
Description: Almost always lower class and often a minority too. They dress in their uniform just enough to not get reprimanded. Many now wear a light kevlar or have a handgun by their side.
Storytelling Hints: These bus drivers begin to appreciate the quiet of the shift. They do ignore most of their passengers, either because they are drunk and/or homeless or because they are afraid to do so otherwise. Like taxi-cab drivers they can be a good source of information, even more so when they continuously drive the same route.

Awareness (dice pool 5): Bus drivers get bored and begin to watch for changes in their constant scenery or their passengers.
Drive (dice pool 4): Bus drivers can handle the big, awkward buses fairly well.
Streetwise (dice pool 4): The passengers often ignore the bus drivers enough to talk about hearings on the street they wouldn't normally mention in front of others.

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