• Shadow Play: Blend with natural shadows to become invisible (note there must be REAL shadows to use this)
  • Shroud of Night: Create an area of blackness of at least 10 feet diameter


  • Arms of the Abyss: Cause natural shadows to extend and attack a victim


  • Shadow Body: Transform your body into shadow allowing immunity to physical attacks and entrance to all but air tight areas



  • Aegis of Shadows: Cover yourself in powerful shadow armor
  • Shadowstep: Teleport from shadow to shadow
  • The Darkness Within: Cover a target in a horrid shadow that drains them of blood


  • Fortify Against Ahura Mazda: Your shadows summoned through Obtenebration become resistant to sunlight
  • Shadow Twin: Animate your shadow into a weaker duplicate of yourself


  • Oubliette: Lock one person in an Abyssal prison
  • Inner Darkness: Drawn the shadow into yourself to gain great power


  • Ahriman's Demesne: Blanket an area in a darkness that devours everything it touches
  • Enter the Abyss: Enter and leave the Abyss at any time, allowing you to teleport from shadow to shadow around the world


  • Banishment: Send someone to the Abyss for as long as you want

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