While some Mages may choose to walk alone, most are drawn to join one of the mystical orders. There are 4 orders whose originate from the Atlantean myth and one other recently created from rebels from other orders. These 5 orders (The Adamantine Arrow, The Free Council, The Mysterium, Guardians of the Veil and The Silver Ladder) are sometimes referred to as the Pentacle. The 4 Atlantean orders are sometimes called the Diamond.

The Seers of the Throne and The Banishers are two antagonistical orders - commonly serving as enemies to Mage characters.

The Adamantine Arrow Edit

Once the Arrow protected Atlantis and were called the Ungula Draconis (the Talon of the Dragon).

The Free Council Edit

Guardians of The Veil Edit

The eye of the dragon. The secret police of the mage world.

The Mysterium Edit

The wings of the dragon.

The Silver Ladder Edit

The voice of the dragon. The leaders of the mage world.

The Seers of the Throne Edit

Banishers Edit

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