An path in the Sabbat. It is an corruption of medieval moral codes. Path of Honorable Accord instruct its followers to act honorable,hold their words, follow their duties and traditions.

In the second edition it was one of the more populous paths in the sabbat because it's closeness to humanity lead many vampires to cross over to this path more easy. The path share the same virtues as the path of humanity, self-control and conscience. But there is also another benifit to the path. The path of Honorable Accord represents many different personal once human codes of conduct and it have some inherent flexibility. In the second edition the path also had more prestigue and power in the sabbat because the code of the sabbat was based on path of honorable accord. This have no basis in revised where the path is recast as an inhuman dark knighthod that have survived from the dark ages.

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