Here's a few stories to work off or inspire you to create your own. Feel free to add your twist or a new story to this page.


  • A body is found in the woods outside of Atlantic City, not an uncommon place to lose a body, but this one was found with its’ arm and shoulder missing, apparently chewed off, while the man was still alive. Forensic tests of the surrounding wound and ceramic casts show what look like human teeth marks. Will the PCs become the next victims?
  • A homeless man has found an endless supply of food and clothes in the tourists of Atlantic City.
  • A hunger spirit has claimed the outskirts of the city as it's hunting ground
  • The Jersey Devil is real...
  • It was suppoed to be a weekend camping trip. Just a fun weekend out, until they got to the campsite and discovered that everyone was dead. That alone would have been bad enough, except they didn't stay dead... (Hunter starter, or Sheep with Shotguns)


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