Table Top LevelsEdit

Level OneEdit

  • The Joining
    Speak silently with other Gaki in the world or other people you can see

Level TwoEdit

  • Glimpse of the Pain
    Incapacitate a target with visions of your hell

Level ThreeEdit

  • Crossing the Iron Bridge
    Enter your own rift

Level FourEdit

  • Journeying the Iron Bridge
    Bring any inanimate objects with you into your rift

Level FiveEdit

  • Passing the Inner Realm
    Travel to any point you can see by passing through your rift

Level SixEdit

  • Collection
    Send or withdraw inanimate objects from your rift without having to enter it
  • Transport
    Send inanimate objects through your rift to any point you can see in the physical world

Level SevenEdit

  • Doorway to Hell
    Create a portal to your rift that anyone can use
  • Eyes of the Thief
    Send any inanimate object you can see into your rift

Level EightEdit

  • Gateway
    Be able to use Passing the Inner Realm on others
  • Touch of Sin
    Take unwilling targets into your rift with you

Level NineEdit

  • Imprison
    Permanently lock a target in your rift

Level TenEdit

  • Manifest the Horror
    Bring the horrors of your rift into the physical world
  • Plot Device

Larp LevelsEdit


  • The Joining: Silent mental communication with other Gaki or those around you
  • Glimpse of Pain: Incite a Courage Frenzy in a vampire by showing them a glimpse of your rift


  • Crossing the Iron Bridge: Enter your rift, for defense or confronting your pains


  • Journeying the Iron Bridge: Bring any item into the rift with you and travel line of sight

House RulesEdit

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