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Vampiric Merit
Author: At Last Awake

Prerequisite: Convenant Status (Carthians) •, Crafts ••

As stated in the Carthian Movement covenant book (p181), "interest group merits" are built on the idea that people with similar interests gather and exchange ideas and commentary about their common passion. Sometimes they practice in the company of their fellows, offering advice and exchanging ideas along the way. These organizations are casually formed (and some STs may find it fitting to relax the Status requirement, sweeping in other covenants and even mortals). To keep the merit working, the Kindred must regularly attend meetings (about once a month).

Usually manifesting in a home workshop or in the one of a highschool or univeristy, Shop Class explores the art of building things and usually forms around a specific Speciality (cars, sewing, metalworking, etc).

When making rolls with the Crafts Skill (and using the appropriate Specialty), characters with this Merit may reroll 9s as well as 10s.

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