Table Top LevelsEdit

Level OneEdit

  • Speak with Spirits
    Roll: Wits + Linguistics, difficulty 6
    The vampire may telepathically communicate with any spirits in her vicinity for one turn per success. Note that the spirits are not obligated to communicate back.

Level TwoEdit

  • Summon Spirit Beasts
    Roll: Charisma + Animal Ken, difficulty 7
    The vampire can summon the spirit of a dead animal, which will obey her telepathic commands. This spirit has a physical form, and the same number of Health levels as when it was alive. When incapacitated, it becomes incorporeal.

Level ThreeEdit

  • Aspect of the Beast
    Roll: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 7
    By spending a blood point, the vampire may call on a spirit of an animal to give her an ability of that animal, for one turn per success. Possible powers can include the following:
    • Bear = Strength is increased by 2
    • Beaver = The vampire can bite through nearly anything
    • Chameleon = The vampire can adopt the colors of her surroundings, adding five dice to Stealth pools if she moves slowly
    • Cougar = Courage rolls at difficulty -1
    • Cricket = The vampire can make loud chirps that can temporarily deafen others
    • Falcon = The vampire can see great distances
    • Hare = Perception rolls involving hearing are made at difficulty -2
    • Hound = The vampire can smell more keenly, and may track by smell with a roll of Perception + Survival, difficulty determined by Storyteller whim.
    • Leapfrog = The vampire can jump three times her normal height or distance.
    • Serpent = The vampire can bite a victim, who suffers two dice of damage per turn, until cured, or the vampire's power ends.
    • Squirrel = Athletics rolls involving balance are rolled at difficulty -2.
    • Stag = The vampire can run twice her normal speed.
    • This list is by no means complete, the vampire is free to call upon other animal spirits. The spirits are not necessarely banes (as in werewolf the apocalypse) since the ritual in order to become an ahrimane replaces a vampires blood(in its entirety) by ahrimane and spirit(summoned by an ahrimane) blood. The original ritual that created the first ahrimane was made by MAGES who summoned animal spirits(wich by definition in werewolf the apocalypse and the axis mundi are spirits of nature)

Level FourEdit

  • Engling Fury
    Roll: Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty 8
    The vampire can feed off of animal spirits, gaining one willpower point per success. This power destroys an animal spirit each time it is used.

Level FiveEdit

  • The Wildebeest
    The vampire may transform into a feral beast. In this form, the vampire's hand damage and tooth damage are increased by one, her Strength is increased by three, her Dexterity and Stamina are increased by two, her Manipulation is reduced by three, and her Appearance is reduced to zero.

Level Six through NineEdit

  •  ?

Level TenEdit

Larp LevelsEdit




House RulesEdit

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