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blood pools in Vampire. I had some players that were taking a very intense roleplaying theme and turning it into superheroes with fangs. To deal with this I had them randomly roll a die at the start of a session and put a number of glass beads into a mint tin equal to the roll. They could shake the tin at anytime but not open it. This way they became more careful in how they spent the blood as they could only have an educated guess as to what their actual supply was.

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Meta-gaming Players. By Averclad.
I have found that no matter what is ran, or what happens in game, there are going to be some that act on information not known by their characters. I suggest solving this by their characters getting a mild case of narcolepsy. I put them to sleep. There have been sometimes when this has proved dangerous, like if the character is driving down a busy road. They learn their lesson, and if not, they die.

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Rules laweres (a.k.a. Rule whores): I find the best way to argue with these players is to know your stuff and keep your cool. Reasurch ahead of time and don't let them get too good a look at any of the other rulebooks besides the one they're using. If they keep insisting then try either listening to them (if you are actualy doing something really wrong) or shutting them down by saying you changed the rules on this particular thing. And make sure that if you really want to change a rule, warn them ahead of time.

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