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Subplots are by their very nature distractions to add flavor and spice to your game. They are meant to be short, snappy ideas that can lead your characters anywhere. Thus most subplots can be summarized in a few sentances; creating a special page for each one seems silly. However, if a subplot idea is particularly involved (but still not a full plot), feel free to make a page for it.

Anywhere Edit

  • Mistaking a PC for a criminal accomplice, an NPC requests him to follow her. She leads him to the backdoor of a small shop of valuables (ie jewelry) and says "You're up. Let's make this quick."

Bar/Club Edit

  • A woman grabs a PC and whispers harshly, "You have to help me; I just broke up with my boyfriend and he's really mad." Seconds later, a burly young man emerges from the crowd and confronts the PC. He's clearly drunk, heart-broken and armed with a knife.

Streets Edit

  • A PC finds a diamond ring in the gutter. A minute later, a young woman asks if the PC found such a ring she lost. While she has a hard time describing the ring, she tells a convincing story about how it's her engagement ring and she lost it around here while taking it to the shop to get it refit. Is she telling the truth or did she see the ring and wants to con the PC out of it?

Story Starters Edit

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat - Maybe they were sent to investigate, maybe they were curious, maybe they wandered into the wrong building looking for an escape from the cold. Not all occult meetings are pleasant little discussions. Author Lost Shadow.

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