Wellington, New Zealand, is ruled by an Elder of the Architects of the Monolith Bloodline. She is rumored to be a Childe of Le Carpentier herself. Little is known about the Prince except that she ran afoul of the Invictus in England, and was exiled to New Zealand in the early days of British settlement. She has ruled the area around Wellinton since before there was even a city to claim. Her influence has guided and controlled Wellington since its inception and is credited, in some circles, for the particularly pleasant and clean character of the city. During the 1950's, The Architect slipped into Torpor. While she was sleeping, various factions struggled to take over the reins of power. Chief among these were representatives of the Invictus and a council of Carthians. The Invictus and the Carthians struggled for dominance for several decades, with the Carthians eventually gaining the upper hand thanks to their greater numbers and cooperative strategies. The Council was still in power when members of the local Ordo Dracul coven managed to revive the Prince, for undisclosed reasons of their own. Since her return to power, the Architect has remained an invisible presence among the Kindred of Wellington. Her edicts are delivered by Ordo Dracul adepts in hooded crimson robes. She is rumored to have developed her Bloodline's signature Discipline to the point where she can astrally travel about the City, watching all that transpires within, invisible and untouchable. The Ordo enforce her will as needed.

The Carthian Council still remains, as an advisory body giving counsel and assistance to the Prince as needed. Carthians make up the largest single faction in Wellington. The Council handles much of the detailed management of the City, assigning hunting grounds--subject to approval by the Architect, designating Elysiums and planning the social calendar of the Undead.

Most of the Invictus Pretenders that struggled to replace the Architect as Prince have withdrawn to domains outside of Wellington proper. They still linger, looking for the first sign of weakness that might signal their next opportunity to take power.

The Lancea Sanctum are barely present. The local Bishop is almost alone, with primarily his own brood and retainers to support him. Outside Lancea resources are being funnelled into Wellington to slowly increase the influence of the Covenant.

The Circle of the Crone has a well established presence. The local blood-cult combines elements of native Maori culture with Celtic traditions imported from the highlands of Scotland. They make a striking image with their blue tattooed whorls and tartan kilts.

The Ordo Dracul is a small but powerful elite, with their primary centers of power being linked to Victoria University and the local libraries. They are the right hand of the Architect, who is rumored to have secretly joined the Ordo Covenant.

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